sábado, 7 de septiembre de 2013

Para caminar, lo debo ver.

Ink on paper 19x22cm

Dibujo para el fanzine COR: Verde

COR is a fanzine of illustration, risograph and colour. COR is formed by 16 international illustrators bound together by one colour that, for this first issue, is green.

"Lentejas Press is a house with garden, a city with a golden river, self published zines and colours."

Lentejas Press is formed by Francesca Danesi, Elena Ortiz, Isabel Gómez Mondragón and Elena López Lanzarote. Under this name you will find lovingly self published zines. We enjoy publishing, paper, illustration, photography, books, gardens, lentils and green. That's way we have started this project...

Summer drawings

鹿 Shika/Veado/Deer/Ciervo

Lithography I did in Biennial of Cerveira with Master Choichi Nishikawa. 
Thanks to all the nice people we met there, it was really nice!
The almighty Minho River flows within us

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